Koru System


Maeroa Intermediate provides a range of activities that provide opportunities for personal challenge and growth. We recognise those that ‘seize the opportunities with our KORU SYSTEM'. Students strive to earn their koru flashes and along the way build self-esteem, set goals, show commitment, take pride, and participate in the corporate life of the school all adding to the Community we call Maeroa.

Earning a KORU FLASH can be as simple as:

  • 100% attendance over a term or year
  • Representing your class in a lunchtime sport
  • Showing effort and progress in learning
  • Taking time to help someone out

Each colour represents a specific area of recognition and once you have earned a certain number of flashes students are able to work towards their badges.

Red - academic
Black - community, service and special awards
Blue - sports
Pale Blue - virtues
Yellow - cultural
White - excellence in an area of endeavour.
Green - enviro

There is something for everyone at Maeroa.

We encourage families to make the most of the opportunities offered - we believe these opportunities make school a full 'education'.